Goodbye, Yahoo! Auctions Singapore

Singapore Yahoo Auction

With effect from tomorrow – 22 September 2008, Yahoo! Auctions Singapore will be retiring. According to the response to Channel NewsAsia’s query, a spokesman for Yahoo! Southeast Asia said:

“In examining where we allocated our resources, we realised we could provide more value to our customers through other properties and decided to close the Yahoo! Singapore Auctions site.”

However, the closure of Yahoo! Auction locally will not affect the other Yahoo! worldwide auctions businesses which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan. Actually the “warning signs” were already there last year, when they shut down the US and Canada Auction sites. Earlier this year, somewhere in March, the Singapore site was facing some problems with their site search engine. It was never solved. Probably this is one of the reasons why they are shutting down.

I started my first Yahoo! Auction, together with a friend in early 2003. Despite having a separate personal account at eBay Singapore, I found that Yahoo! Auctions Singapore was much easier to use and less fraud-prone. But it seems like eBay Singapore has caught up over the years, in terms of user-friendliness of their website and better security. Most likely, i will switch back to using eBay for my main online retail therapy.

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