Microsoft’s SuperPreview

Earlier midweek at the MIX09 conference, Microsoft showcased its new product — Expression Web SuperPreview.  This product will allow designers and developers to preview how their websites will look and work with different browsers so they can debug any errors with ease.

SuperPreview can be used as a standalone application and the free beta version is available for download at a hefty 250mb. This tool will be part of Microsoft’s forthcoming Expression Web 3 release and the full release will come with more browser selections eg, Firefox, Sarari, Chrome and more.


The installation part for me took quite awhile as I need to install .NET Framework 3.5 before the actual SuperPreview installation takes place. Launching the application was pretty quick, although interaction with the buttons within SuperPreview was abeit too retarded for my liking. The free version only allows for comparisons between IE6 and IE7. It has a little bug icon on the top-right corner for you to report  any issues for feedbacks to the SuperPreview team. Overall, it’s a good start for Microsoft, expecting more when the actual thing comes out. And oh, it’s not available on Mac. =)

 Check out more in-depth reviews of the SuperPreview herehere and here.


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