My Delicious Android Cupcake

G1 Android 1.5 - Cupcake

Ever since i got news in early April that Android 1.5 aka Cupcake is coming out, I’ve been waiting for our amazingly efficient telco to upgrade my G1’s firmware. Finally, after months of waiting and speculations, in late-July, Singtel has finally decided to update the firmware over-the-air (OTA). No more time-wasting trips to Care Center for updates! The update file was 44MB, and took roughly 20 minutes to download and 5 minutes to install. With Cupcake installed, the G1 almost feel like a new phone! If only I could change the black casing to pearl white.

The most anticipated new feature is definitely the on-screen keyboard. I’m not really a sucker for an on-screen keyboard as i still prefer the slide-out keyboard which i can really feel the keys being pressed. But there are times when you are in crowded areas, especially on buses/MRTs, you only have one available hand, the on-screen keyboard will come in real handy. The new update will also have Home Screen widgets which includes widgets for the user’s calendar, music player and a picture frame.

Another new feature is video recording, as well as the addition of video playback support for MPEG-4 and 3GP, which is a welcome addition for many whose biggest complaint is the lack of video recording using the built-in camera. After using the Cupcake for slightly over a month, I’m really beginning to enjoy using it again. Not too sure if it’s just me, but with the new update, battery life seems to last longer and the G1, as a whole, appears to run faster and smoother.

While I’m enjoying this little cupcake, apparently rumours of Android 2.0 – Donut is in the works? No confirmation yet, probably just a temporary codename for developers. Whatever it is, I’m just going to enjoy this yummy cupcake. Till the next update! (and only God knows when.)

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