Google Launches Chrome 3

Google celebrated their first birthday with a belated gift for everyone – Chrome 3 web browser. I installed it at work today but didn’t have time to really explore the … Continue reading

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Android 1.6 Brings New Market Interface

Android 1.6 will be releasing a new interface to the Android Market. Android developers will be able to give better descriptions and upload screenshots for their applications, which will definitely … Continue reading

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My Delicious Android Cupcake

Ever since i got news in early April that Android 1.5 aka Cupcake is coming out, I’ve been waiting for our amazingly efficient telco to upgrade my G1’s firmware. Finally, … Continue reading

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Baybeats – Pump Up The Volume

Just received an email that my entry for the Baybeats Tee Design Challenge is selected! Mine is Design #7 – Pump Up The Volume. If it gets top votes, it … Continue reading

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A Digital Canvas – Odosketch

One of my favourite digital agency – Odopod, has recently worked with Adobe and launched this Flash drawing application called Odosketch. This drawing application, with a Moleskin-esque background, is very … Continue reading

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Baybeats 2009 T-shirt Challenge

Baybeats is organising a t-shirt challenge to create an original design based on Baybeats. Baybeats is Singapore’s annual alternative music festival organised by Esplanade. It showcases good local, regional, international … Continue reading

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UNIQLO arrives in Singapore

Finally, UNIQLO – Japan’s nĂºmero uno casual-wear retail giant arrives on our shores yesterday. UNIQLO already has stores internationally such as France, UK, USA, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and … Continue reading

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